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2020: A Year of Knowing  

NGM January 2020 Update

As 2019 comes to a close and 2020 begins, God is encouraging me to know the hope of His calling for me as well as all of His riches and power that are available to fulfill it (Eph. 1:18-19).

I recently heard someone share that God, His angels, and, the great cloud of witnesses, are all cheering us on and expecting us to succeed and fulfill God's calling for our lives. He also mentioned that Heaven has everything rigged in our favour! It's only that the Thief - who comes to steal, kill, destroy, lie, accuse and condemn - tries to distract and discourage us from fulfilling our calling. When we are alert to the Truth and keep our hearts and minds, wills and emotions steadfast to it, we will succeed by the enabling of Holy Spirit!

When we know that we are created to succeed and to fulfill the destiny written in heaven for us to live on earth, then we will no longer be intimidated by Satan but instead be an intimidator to him.

When we know that we have the backing and support of heaven to accomplish what we were made for, then we will excitedly anticipate amazing results for the glory of God!

Let's let 2020 be the year we know the hope of our calling in Christ and His readily accessible riches and power needed to carry it out.

Let us this year expect victory in Jesus' Name!

Please consider the poem below as it serves to challenge us to pursue our destiny fulfillment while it is still called Today (Heb. 3:13) ...

Made in the image of God.

Longing to fulfill my destiny.

Days are flipping by like the pages of a magazine. Years are rolling over like somersaults.

Sometimes my spirit looks at the chaos surrounding me (the chaos that holds me back from my heavenly pursuit) and cries out: "There is more, so much more!"

Tick, tick, tick - time is ticking by.

When will I get on my path of destiny fulfilment?

When will I let go of the driftwood of procrastination carrying me down the river of oblivion?

When will I, instead, be as courageous as a salmon fighting the current - going upstream - up to the high place where I will hear Christ's words: "Well done good and faithful servant"?

When will I take up my divine authority and say, "enough is enough - here am I to do the will of my Father" - "enough is enough of the ways and patterns of this world"?

Sometimes I blindly wait for someone to come and rescue me. To rescue me from this time stealing prison that I'm seemingly locked up in.

But no one comes. No one else can lead me on my path of destiny fulfilment.

That's up to me. And so I make the choice to break out and be free.

Free to see that all along Holy Spirit has been waiting for me.

Waiting quietly by my side for my acknowledgement of His presence and request of His help.

As I reach out to Him, He breathes life into me and leads me on to succeed.

That's His desire for me - to fulfill my destiny.

Made in the image of God.

Looking back...

As 2019 summed up, we give God praise for His work in and through New Gen Mission.

Smart (who has been with us from the beginning) had the opportunity to do a 4 week long coarse in October called Basic Qualifications of Child and Youth Care Workers. He graduated in November along with all those nationwide who also took the same coarse. His desire is to go to Bible College in the near future and in the mean time heads up the Back 2 School program and several other areas within and through NGM.

One of the ways he ministered through NGM in 2019 was by seeing the community's need for a functioning well. The people in the area had to walk a far distance to get water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing, gardening, etc. He took the iniative to use NGM funds to hire someone to fix the non-functioning well. We thank God for the fresh water now readily available for the people in the Chilengwa area (where the villagers were moved to a few years ago because of the incoming mines).

Another way in which Smart ministered in and through NGM to the local community was by taking on responsibility for the clearing of the land and purchasing of blocks for the new community school. Its been a slow project but we are trusting God for speed to complete it in 2020.

We also give God praise for enabling NGM through Smart's faithfulness to meet needs of 31 B2S students in 2019. One of whom has been accepted by MMM into their carpentry and block laying coarse beginning later on in January 2020.

Joel a B2S alumni and faithful servant to NGM went to Teen Missions International in December 2019 to be a Boot Camp Leader. His desire is to enroll in TMI's 3 year BMW (Bible, Mission and Work) coarse in 2020.

For all these things and even those not mentioned we give God praise. He has been faithful to provide and make Himself known to those within and touched by NGM.

Thank you for your part! Your love, prayers and support are of great encouragement to us. May God bless you exceedingly and abundantly in Jesus' Name!

Ephesians 1:15-23

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