• Evangeline Njelesani

Back to Zambia

We thank God Mama and girls arrived safe and sound to Zambia just over a month ago now!

We praise Jesus for giving the girls such a peaceful and smooth time of travel! God provided them with 2 university aged sisters seated behind us for entertainment! They invited Caia and Malaika to join them in their seats and shared snacks, games, songs... together with them! And to top it all off (just to show how amazing God is) the 2 sisters, their father and another young man travelling with them all escorted us (at their own bidding) to our gate of departure (we had a quick 2 hour layover in Ethiopia) all while carrying Malaika and our luggage (and that was before finding their own departure gate)! What an incredible blessing and answer to prayer! Yay God! :)

We are so grateful to be together with Daddy again after being apart for some time. The girls have an extra spring in their step and a more constant smile! Mama is rejoicing to have her God given companion by her side again and consequently an automatic ease in parenting! August has been a month of adjustments for us as a family (settling into a rental home in Ndola, registering for school in September...) and a time of celebration for Daddy and Mama (13 years of marriage on the 4th)!

We anticipate what God has in store for New Gen Mission in the months ahead. It will be a major transitional time for the ministry now that the current mission base has finally been sold! Yay! Thank You Jesus! We now have 3 months to move into the next new season and property for NGM. We are excited at what God has planned! We believe the best is yet to come! It's not by might nor by power but by His Spirit! He is a right on time God and does above and beyond our wildest dreams!

Thank you for your persistent love, prayers and support for us as a family and for New Gen Mission as a whole! We are so grateful! We love you and thank God for you! All His BEST to you as you continually delight yourself in Him!

Thankful family!

Smiling girls!

Rejoicing parents!

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