• Evangeline Njelesani

DAY 19


By Rose Ward

Artwork by Rose.

Love everlasting.

Love never-ending.

What is this grace that wraps around us?

What is this mercy that we feel comforted by but cannot always see?

Let your eyes be fixed on things above and not the things of earthly kings.

Dead and fading like weakened grass dying under a snow covered ground.

Bring your whole self to see that God is unconditional, ever-beautiful, always available.

Seek not your own will but let His fill your dreams.

Let His vision shine out from your eyes.

Eyes that will always be open to see more than what is in this reality.

This existence that is concrete in the world.

There is so much more going on around us as we battle daily in the war.

A war that cannot always be seen.

A war that believes it will win, but it will not.

Our God has already won the war.

See we can have this hope…

We can draw this conclusion; it has solidity.

Eternity is forever written in the heavens, declaring God’s sovereign glory.

Showing a deep love that is not like any other.

A love that is shown through His Son.

Such suffering we have caused, yet we were delivered from.

Like fading flowers in spring that will not grow again unless planted by the hand.

The hand of our Heavenly Father above…

Seeded, Planted, Watered, Weeded, Breathed life into...

See we may not understand the colors chosen, the life given to us, but those exact details that create our tent here on earth were divinely planned from the beginning.

As in, the time before we were but a seed in the womb.

Long before we could ask or think.

No one is here by accident. No One.

He cares for you and He hears the blood cry out

when even one little one is banished by our hands.

He is forgiving. His love is ...eternal.

His comfort holds us, even when we push Him away. 

Know that the love of God runs deep

like flecks of jewels in deep caverns whose veins permeate the whole mountain.

Like the rains that come in drought.

Let us love Him. Study Him. Enjoy Him.

It is through these things, building a relationship with Him,

that we can only begin to understand the kind of love He has for us. 

See, He is a personal God, a loving Father. 

He delights over us.

He wants us to come to Him, to be a true daughter or son of the King.

He has made us royalty, ever blessed.

He gives a peace surpassing all understanding and guards our hearts daily.

Let us take the time to hear His voice, to listen to His voice,

for it is an ever-present help in trouble.

In joy. In love. His Kingdom does not falter, it has overcome death, overcome pain and shoots forth more joy than what we could ever think possible.

Love never—ending,

love ever-lasting.

Joy that envelops the soul so that it can taste a moment with the King.

Let us understand the truth and the truth will set you free.

Read His Word, be guided by His Word, be healed by His Word.

It is pure love from a heart that has no measure.

It is measureless.

So long and so wide, it is ever-reaching that one cannot fathom the sheer depth of it.

His love winds its way around our lives and in our hearts,

like a million pieces fitting together to create a life,

a life time,

a moment of death only to be raised up with Him in glory forever and ever.

A place He has created for us that has no suffering, no pain.

A new body awaits us after this tent has blown away

and returned to dust.

A place we can be forever in the presence of a beautiful King.

So leave no vacancy for all these other things.

Things that weigh down, are heavy on our mind and in our hearts.

Let it be removed by the Father and replaced with His light.

Shine so brightly that even you cannot shut it out.

Make darkness flee while on this earthly plane.

There is no room for such things.

Evil has no space in our lives for it is the opposite of our loving Father, our beautiful Savior, and our wonderful King.

Rose and her husband, Andrew, of ten years, have four children whom Rose home schools. Their family feels blessed to reside in a home that rests on a beautiful organic farm in New Dundee, ON. There they grow their own food and enjoy the flowers and sunshine. To learn more about Rose, a fine artist, graphic designer and founder of Original Focus, please click here! You can also visit her in person this Saturday at the YFC Christmas Craft and Vendor Sale.

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