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DAY 20


By Kerry Reath

View from Kerry's mountain!

Time and time again, in trials and in thanksgiving, I come back to my favorite Psalm. Psalm 121 from the New Living Translation reads:

1 I look up to the mountains - does my help come from there?

2 My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth!

3 He will not let you stumble; the one who watches over you will not slumber.

4 Indeed, He who watches over Israel never slumbers or sleeps.

5 The Lord Himself watches over you! The Lord stands beside you as your protective shade.

6 The sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon at night.

7 The Lord keeps you from all harm and watches over your life.

8 The Lord keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever.

Eight short and seemingly simple verses but packed with so much life and promise - it has sustained me many times.

I live at the bottom of a mountain (ok, a big pile of rocks compared to the mountains in Canada, but for here it's big enough)…. So I do gaze up my mountain often. And I live out in the bush surrounded by trees and rock and dirt…. I love every bit of it (except the snakes)….. I love God’s creation and often God uses His creation to encourage me. But in the month of November we are focusing on God's incredible love….. so for that I just want to highlight two verses from my favorite Psalm.

The first verse is verse 5. It says "The Lord Himself watches over you! The Lord stands beside you as your protective shade.”

It hit me one day as I was reading that …. “the Lord Himself”!   

That blew my mind…. I mean I know we have guardian angels and other types of angels and heavenly beings that help us and watch over us… but in this verse it says the Lord Himself watches over me…..

Who am I that the Creator of heaven and earth would even notice me? Who am I that the great God of the universe would care enough to watch over me?... I’m His child that’s who. And as a loving Father He cares so much about me as His child that He watches over me personally…. day and night…. never takes His eye off me in fact. Now if that is not the most incredible love ever I don’t know what is.

The second part of that verse is equally as mind blowing. “He stands beside me as a protective shade.” When I read this verse I always see a picture of a father standing beside a young child. Protecting that child from anyone or anything that might intimidate, scare or try to harm in any way. If I insert myself into that picture as the little child there is nothing more reassuring than taking the hand of my Father and looking up into His smiling face knowing that He is beside me. And feeling inside that He is sooooo big - He is really all around me. And nothing could possibly touch me unless He says so. All fear fades away and overwhelming love floods my soul.

The second verse in this Psalm that means so much to me is verse 7 where it talks about the Lord watching over your life.

Some of Kerry's fall kids!

One day as I was meditating on this I sensed that this was talking about more than just my physical wellbeing. This was talking about my life… and everything that pertains to my life. My physical body sure but also my family, my animals (which are so important to me) and my ministry. Even my destiny and my calling is being watched over by my Father. Can you imagine He has written every one of our days in a book before we were even born and He thinks about us all the time (that’s because He is right there standing beside us watching us!).

His plans for us are so much bigger than our puny little minds can comprehend and when we walk out the fullness of His dreams for us we bring Him such joy and pleasure.

Everything that God has given me He personally will keep it from all harm. WOW, that’s incredible to me. That He not only loves me like a father but He also loves all the people and critters He has put in my life. In fact He loves them more than I do.

I don’t know about you but these verses just yell the love of Father God for each one of us. So be encouraged today … your Heavenly Father is watching you Himself to protect you and keep your life from all harm. May you feel His loving arms around you!

Kerry came to Zambia in May of 2001. She worked with Mercy Touch Mission International until 2006, when she joined Seeds of Hope Children's Ministry. Both of these non-governmental organizations work with orphaned and vulnerable children. It was out of these experiences that Zambian Sonshine was born. It is Kerry's desire to see youth changed and transformed into the image of Jesus Christ, and to get them to see the world through His eyes.

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