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By Betty M.

Romans 8:38 and 39 is one of my most cherished passages...

   For I am persuaded that neither death nor life,

nor angels nor principalities, nor powers,

nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth,

nor any other created thing,

shall be able to separate us from the LOVE of God

which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Similarly, one of my favourite songs, "Unfailing Love", expresses profoundly how wonderful God’s unconditional LOVE is for us. Please listen to and follow along with its beautiful lyrics below...

Regardless of how we may feel, God's LOVE is ever-present and available. We carry the presence of Jesus and those near us should know His LOVE by our countenances and, if necessary, our words.

Life’s experiences of joy mixed with sorrow have taught me to depend on the perfect LOVE of Jesus my Savior, Provider, Protector and Soon Coming King. Jesus never fails. When we have Him as our first priority everything changes. Time spent in His Word and presence are never wasted. It is then that our expectations are found in Him alone and not dependent on how others treat us. He is our First LOVE and with us every moment.

How I thank God for His faithfulness. He has unlimited time for each of us. Let us daily dwell in His presence and show forth His matchless LOVE to each one wherever we go. We may be the only one who will point them to the One who LOVES them most.

Betty, a resident of Stratford, ON, is a Mom of 2 and Grandmother of 4! Although widowed from her husband of 36+ years in 2009, she has held onto the promises of God and has embraced Him as her Husband and Father and has experienced first hand how He sets the lonely in families (Psalm 68:5-6). She delights in sharing His LOVE and making the most of every opportunity to pray with those in need.

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