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By Tina Peard

I've recently been touched by several stories of Muslims who have had encounters with Jesus in their dreams, and the power of His Presence has led them to salvation. The common thread in their dreams is always vivid descriptions of feeling the purest, most amazing sense of love coming from Jesus! This one lady didn't know His name, so she called Him “Love”. That is the only way she knew how to describe Him!

God never meant for us just to know about Love, He meant for us to know Love. God invites us all over scripture to come to Him, seek Him and enter into His courts. He wants to have encounters with us! He wants us to know intimate details about Himself, and He promises us that if we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us. James 4:8.

Amazing things happen when we take that time to come into the courts of His Presence, through praise and thanksgiving and spending time with Him. The indescribable, the totally surreal, the unexpected happens if we take even more time to praise and worship, press in and go deeper. The Holy Spirit will take us to enter the inner courts and beyond. In this place, supernatural revelation of His love takes place. He begins to show Himself. One glimpse into His eyes and you will be love struck.

The devil works over time to stop us from coming into the Presence of God and having encounters with the King, because he knows that when we come out, our flesh is undone, and all that is left is a reflection of Jesus! When we go out into the world, all that shines out of us is Love! People who have seen Jesus in a dream will recognize that we have the same Love in us, and will be led to salvation! People who have never met Jesus, will meet Him, through us!

If you have had encounters with Jesus in the past, don't stop seeking to have more! When we spend time in the Presence of Jesus, we become saturated in His love. In Ephesians 3:18-19, Paul describes that when we are rooted in love, and grasp and know how wide and long and high and deep the love of Christ is, we will be “filled to the measure of all the fullness of God”. His heart will be etched into ours, His love will flow out of us in the way that He desires it to!

We can only show Love to the extent that we know Love.

We become like who we spend time with.

Tina Peard resides in Kitchener, Ontario. Her passion is worship – both at home in the quiet place and openly as a Worship Minister. Together she and her husband Jake seek to make the most of every opportunity to lead people into the presence of King Jesus through their musical gifts. When she's not gazing directly on His face in worship, you may find her reflecting Jesus' Love to the little ones she works with in the schools as an Early Childhood Educator.

Editor's Note: This morning I have been playing worship music continuously from YouTube. This spontaneous worship song ministered to me in such a beautiful way! When you have 20 minutes or so please enter in His presence like Tina encourages and reflect upon LOVE as you listen to The Father's Song (Upper Room)!

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