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He Will Come And Save You

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

He gave me beauty for ashes The oil of joy for mourning The garment of praise For the spirit of heaviness That we might be trees of righteousness The planting of the Lord That He might be glorified

(Song by Robert Manzano based on Isaiah 61:3)

I have found in the last little while when I inquire of the Lord for a word of encouragement

during a difficult or challenging circumstance, He often leads me to the book of Isaiah. So much so that recently I pondered, "Why Isaiah?" So, I did a little research and was reminded that Isaiah's name means, "YAHWEH is salvation" or "God saves." And, while the book of Isaiah speaks a lot about judgement, it also brims to overflowing with the message of HOPE! When I was reminded of these details, the song "He Will Come And Save You" came to my remembrance as well. Although, it is not a typical "Christmas" song, I'd like to share it with you now...

Perhaps some of you are familiar with the movie, "The Nativity"? In it there is a scene (starts at 24:40 min and ends at 25:55 min) showing distraught Jews desperately longing for the Messiah to come and save them - especially from the Roman brutality of the time. Afterwards, Mary reflects upon the scene and understands more clearly the implications of the message an angel had earlier conveyed from God to her, "A Messiah to deliver My people." It was that very same Messiah that grew within her and when born was given the divinely ordained name, "Jesus" or "Yeshua" meaning, "to deliver" or "to rescue".

So many portions in Isaiah point to Jesus, our Saviour. As you gear up for Christmas this season, I'd love to encourage you (as I too am encouraged) to prepare your heart as well by studying Isaiah and seeing all the promises pointing to Jesus, our Deliverer - not only within the familiar "Christmas" passages but within several other passages as well including Isaiah 61 (in its entirety) which has been a super amazing word of encouragement to me lately!


While LOVEmber was in full swing, Heidi Baarda's JK and SK classes at Stratford and District Christian School were putting LOVE into action by raising funds to sponsor an end of the year party for NGM's Royal Academy! It first started with the young kindergarten students bringing in their own donations. Then, their parents suggested their children could host a school wide bake sale! That suggestion became a reality! The end result? $600 raised! What an incredible blessing! The ginormous OVERFLOW will be used to purchase needed items for the school (plans are still in the making - we'll keep you posted)! Thank you Ms. Baarda (Caia's teacher from last year) and all the other SDCS staff, students and parents who made the bake sale such a huge success!


Last Saturday two of NGM's B2S alumni, Ephraim and Patricia, graduated from their three year mission diploma program at Teen Mission International's Bible College! We praise God for their hard work, diligence and perseverance! At this moment they are remaining with TMI as staff and are currently Boot Camp Team Leaders guiding their teams on various evangelistic outreaches!

It is our hearts' desire to propel other B2S graduates into their God given destinies! In the past we have had sponsors graciously give "love gifts" to help see some of our students complete post secondary schooling. Now through The Great Commission Foundation we are able to give receipts for those who would like to contribute to a scholarship fund to help B2S alumni complete post secondary schooling. The GCF has laid out guidelines for us to follow in order to have a scholarship fund for NGM B2S graduates. One of the guidelines includes setting up a Scholarship Committee of three members. If this is something you are interested in, please send us an email ( with "committee" in the subject heading and we will send you more details!

As always, we are so grateful for all of your love, prayers and gifts which encourage us to keep on keeping on in Jesus' Name! Together as the Body of Christ and as an overflow of His LOVE, we will continue to "proclaim good news to the poor, bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners" (61:1).

With love in Christ our Saviour, Redeemer, Deliverer, Rescuer and Messiah,

Happy, Evangeline, Caia and Malaika for New Gen Mission

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