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Updated: Jan 31, 2019

We thank God for bringing us into a new year and for all that He has in store!

(See THE GREAT I AM: MASTER OF THE WORLD - NGM's New Year Devotional). Here in Zambia it's the start of a new school year!!! And with that, we are welcoming new and returning Back 2 School youth as well as new and returning NGM Royal Academy students!


We are currently at 42 B2S students - and counting! This is almost double the amount we had last year! We thank God for bringing these precious teens our way - even from far distances. One of our alumni, Ephraim (see BACK TO SCHOOL ALUMNI in December's update), had been doing evangelism in a rural area near Solwezi (the capital of North-Western Province, 290+km away) and found several youth that were not in school due to financial needs. He brought some on Sunday to NGM and said more are on the way.

We are excited to welcome so many new (and returning) faces as we know that it is an exciting opportunity for them to meet new friends, receive the education they have longed for as well as grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ! Our eternal hope!

Along with a new school year and increase in numbers, also comes an increase in needs. It currently costs about $600 per month to provide room and board for the B2S students! School uniforms and supplies (some of which have already been purchased), in addition to school fees (still yet to be paid), add up to a few thousand dollars. Also, we have a urgent need for more foam mattresses (which are about $50 each for the firmer more long lasting ones). The last ones we purchased a few years ago have worn out so much so that it's like sleeping directly on the hard under-surface!

We are asking you to rise up in prayer with us and the B2S ministry team and students to see these needs met above and beyond our expectations! We serve an above and beyond God and know He is well able!



My names are Zifa Chisenga. I was born into a family of 6 children of which I am #4 and am the only man. I was born on the 10th of March 1994 in the land called Chiwala. I went to Lubendo Primary School from grades 1 up to 7. From there I went to Chiwala Basic School for grades 8 and 9. I then qualified to go to grade 10 at Chiwala Techinical High School where I graduated with a grade 12 certificate. Upon completing my secondary schooling, I answered the call of God in 2013. That's when Pastor Happy and Auntie Evangeline helped me understand who I am in Christ Jesus. As the time went on they helped me to go and study theology in South Africa for a year. It was a great experience for me! I thank God for the good family like them who have the heart for people - they have done so much in my life. Now my vision is to help people in need, to educate them, and, to teach them the Word of God so that we can produce people with a sound mind.

Zifa started coming to the mission's evening prayers at the invitation of another student while in high school. Upon completion of high school he moved to the mission base along with a few others from the school who were eager to be involved with ministry - including evangelistic outreaches. It is our desire to motivate all those with whom we minister to take steps towards their destiny fulfillment. Zifa had the desire to go to Bible College and was accepted at KZN Missionary and Bible College in South Africa (where there was free tuition, accommodation and some meals included). With your help his passport and visa were purchased as well as school supplies and other necessities of life during his stay there. His graduation ceremony was held last October. Since then, to earn a living, he has been working at one of the local mining companies in Chiwala. Occasionally he preaches at the NGM church in Chiwala! We thank all of you who have given and prayed on Zifa's behalf (knowingly and unknowingly) - you have made an impact for God's Kingdom and there is a ripple effect through his life!


My names are Mary Kachelewa and I was born on the 26th of March, 1992. To my parent's shock, I had been born lame with short unbendable arms. They lovingly raised me just as I was but it took me 2 years and 6 months for me to start walking. By the time I was 8 years old I said to my daddy, "Daddy take me to school because all my friends are going to school." But he didn't try to enroll me until 2 years later when I was 10 and at that time the headmaster refused to accept me. Finally, when I was 12 my daddy took me to another school were I was accepted into Grade 1.

As years went by, I began to notice that none of my friends were lame and so I started to believe the lie that I couldn't do anything in life and that it was better if I died. Thankfully one day a teacher encouraged me to go with her to a mission down the road from my home for evening prayers. It was there that I met Uncle Happy and Aunt Evangeline and listened to the Word of God. I was so encouraged that I felt that I could make it in life - that was in 2010.

(The above is composed of just a few excerpts from Mary's written testimony - see below to find out more...)

Our desire with Mary, as with everyone, is to see her walk on the pathway to her destiny fulfillment. From the time Mary began coming to the mission base for evening prayers and later for Sunday services as well, we have seen increased peace, love and joy overflow from her life. She loves spending time in God's presence and it's there as she reads His Word and is in communication with Him that songs birth up within her. She loves leading worship and sharing her songs with others.

Her longing and desire is to produce a worship album with the songs God has inspired her to sing. An opportunity came up for her to go to a Christian recording studio in Zimbabwe. An idea came to us to publish an illustrated children's book about Mary's life (at least up until this point and with part 2 also to be expected later on) to help in raising the funds for her worship album project. It has been a desire of NGM's for years to have children's books written based on the testimonies of kids whom God has brought into our lives. If you are interested in being involved in any way please e-mail us at with subject heading Mary and share with us how you'd like to help out (illustrations based on Mary's story/photos, writing based on Mary's testimony, editing, graphic designing, printing, etc).


The last time we checked in with the teachers the head count for those enrolled so far this year is 36 - this is a significant increase compared to last year's enrollment. We thank God for bringing these precious children and for laying on the parents' hearts to organize a bus to transport those children of families who had originally lived in the nearby villages but who had been relocated by the mining companies a long distance down the now very busy road.

Please pray for all children to learn about and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We were informed that there are now 4 students of another faith whose parents willingly on their own initiative sent their children to our very Christ-centered, Bible-based school!

Look out for a quick update in the next few days sharing how the overflow gift from Stratford District Christian School was used to bless our school in Chiwala!


After a one month break, Caia and Malaika are now back to school for term two (Jan-Mar)! In the parent-teacher interviews, Caia's teachers commented on how quiet and shy she is, while Malaika's teachers shared how talkative and outgoing she is! So I guess that shares a bit about their personality types! :) :) :) Our prayer for them is to know how much they are loved by God and to realize and walk in their fullest potential in Christ Jesus! We declare over them often that they have bright healthy minds - the mind of Christ - and that they are the head and not the tail!

Thanks again for all your love and prayers and gifts! Together as the Body of Christ, He is using us through our various capabilities to make a difference for His Kingdom! Praise His Name! The Name of Jesus! The Name above every other Name! The only Name under heaven by which we can be saved!

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