• Evangeline Njelesani

NGM's May/June News

Dear Family and Friends of NGM,

We greet you in the wonderful Name of Jesus Christ.

It's been nearly two months since our last update so we thought we better send you another to catch you up on NGM's happenings.

We are now officially off our original base in Chiwala. We have not completed any building projects as of yet and so have had to make other plans in the mean time. Right now we have been able to rent two homes in Ndeke (a "suburb" of Ndola close to Chiwala) to lodge the B2S students - one home for the boys and another for the girls. This has been an answer to prayer - to find these places - on the other hand, however, it is also now a critical prayer point. We have some young leaders who grew up with NGM overseeing the B2S students by staying in the homes with them but we are trusting God for more mature adults who can serve as House Mothers and Fathers. Please seriously pray about this so that there will be proper 24 hour supervision and security for these two homes and those who inhabit them - as well as needed discipleship, mentoring and tutoring! If you feel called by God to come to serve as a House Parent (even for Short Term) you are most welcome! If you personally don't feel this is your calling - please share with others!!!

Some of the B2S girls standing in front of their new home.

Another answer to prayer is that there has been favourable co-operation from another church in the Chiwala area. They are kindly letting us use their building for our school until we can build up our own again.

Prayer for the school would be greatly appreciated. We know nothing is accomplished except by the Spirit of God. Please pray diligently for someone to be raised up by God to lead this school into its greatest potential! Please share this need with others who you know will pray and/or even be interested in coming to fulfill this Spirit led task.

Thank you.

We just filled in our second quarterly report for the Great Commission Foundation and would like to share with you the same prayer points we shared with them ...

Please pray ...

- for us to receive Spirit led guidance and direction for the ministry

- that God would release resources to continue the ministry and would show us how we can be involved in seeing this take place

- that God would raise up more workers (S.T. and L.T.) from Canada (+) to come and help us in the ministry here for the harvest is so plentiful and the workers too few

- that He would raise up more supporters in Canada (+) who would diligently pray for and intercede for NGM and our family and who would also share with others about the ministry so that more would be involved (praying, giving, going, etc)

- for us as we are expecting another baby any day now

- for guidance for us as a family in our comings and goings to/from Canada/Zambia

Thank you so much!

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